School Fundraiser

We are asking you to support youth in the community. The

students of Purpose Secondary School will benefit greatly

from your help.

  1. For only $4.00, a student will be provided a lunch

  2. $30.00 will provide a student with a book

  3. $80.00 will provide a student with a textbook

Students who are hungry do not learn well.  In spite of huge

technological changes, students still need books and

textbooks. Children and youth who stay in school are more

likely to contribute to society when they mature, rather than rely on income assistance.  They are also more likely to be productive citizens who play an active role in their community.

Please help our students be more successful by sending a donation – big or small.  All donations are much appreciated.

Thank you. 

Phill Esau, Principal

Purpose Secondary School

    Click here to learn more about our Purpose School Annual Campaign.

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