Hamper Day 🎁

Hamper Deliveries are done for 2022!!

This year has been difficult for lots of individuals and families as they dealt with high gas prices and inflation on most items.  People especially felt the pinch at the grocery store where prices seemed to increase every week.  It was not uncommon to a visit a store and see an item has increased in price by $2.00 in a matter of days.  In spite of all this, donors assembled 150 hampers for recipient families.  As usual, the hampers were generous and beautiful.  Purpose staff and volunteers from the Rotary Club and the community started early receiving and delivering hampers in spite of the inclement weather.  It all went smoothly.

Thank you to everyone who made Hamper Day a success – the people who assembled the hampers, the donors who contributed cash, the City of New Westminster for allowing us two parking spots for the day,  the Purpose staff, the volunteers and the Royal City Record for letting people know about our Hamper Program.

Since Hamper Day, Purpose staff have also distributed toys to families to make their children’s Christmas a little more fun.

All of this support for children and families has been made possible by the generosity of the individuals, families and business people in the community.  It is hard to find the words that describe the happiness and joy that the Hamper and Toy Program has brought to the community this year.