Purpose and Covid-19

Purpose is open for business on a modified basis.  Modified is our word of the month as we constantly learn new ways to provide services in a manner that is safe for both staff and clients during these interesting times.  Below is information on the status of all our programs.  For information not contained here, please call 604 562 5049.



The administrative office at 40 Begbie Street, New Westminster is fully staffed and it is business as usual.  The furniture has been cleared from the foyer so no one can sit down.  Only clients coming for harm reduction supplies and clients with an appointment are coming into the building.  A table keeps clients 6 feet from the receptionist.  Front office personnel, like everyone else, are continually wiping down surfaces.


Family Programs

Services are continuing on a modified basis.


Youth Programs

Services are continuing on a modified basis.


Children/Family Programs

The programs are on a scheduled break this week; services will be provided if families wish to attend.  Services will be provided on a modified basis.


The Purpose School

The teachers will return to work after spring break and research means by which they can deliver educational services to students while following the Health Officer’s directives. While there may be no formal classes, it is expected that teachers will be available to students to provide educational programs.


The Child Care Centres

The Child Care Centres are open.  They are open to provide services to parents who are first responders, health care workers and others who provide essential services.   While some parents are keeping their children home, other parents must work and are using the daycares.  The staff are constantly sanitizing all surfaces and toys.  The children who are attending are safe and well cared for.


The Stride Program

As other agencies reduce their service levels, there are more people coming to Purpose for assistance.  Food is becoming a major issue.  Stride staff are now providing meals most days of the week at 4:00 p.m. and serving them from the back door of the school.  Food is also being distributed from the Health Van.  Case management, laundry and showers are available by appointment and under the strict supervision of Stride staff.


The Rent Bank

The Rent Bank is operating and is gearing up for an increased demand from people who are not working and can’t pay their rent.  Planning to meet this increased demand is a work in process and meeting needs will be very demanding in the next weeks.


The Burnaby Youth Hub

The Hub is operating.  The alternate school is on spring break.  Other programs are offered on a modified basis.


Burnaby Youth Custody Services

The number of youth in custody is low; however, the alcohol and drug services continue to be offered.


The New Westminster Youth Clinic

The Youth Clinic continues to operate Tuesday and Thursday.  Please call 604 526 2522 for the hours of operation.