Thank you for supporting our Christmas Hamper program!

The Purpose Society has finished its Christmas Hamper program by delivering over 180 special hampers to families and it is time to say thank you.  This huge success can be credited to all the people who donated food, toys or money and the staff and volunteers who turned out to deliver all the gaily decorated boxes.

Purpose staff want to send out a special and big thank you to all the individuals, specially Jacqui Cohen, businesses, and organizations that solidly put their efforts into ensuring the program was a huge success.  The Record newspaper told everyone where we were on Columbia Street, the Business Improvement Association arranged for the windows to be painted and shine, and the City reserved some parking spots to make access easier.

There was a very special feeling in the air as people came to visit us and drop off food and toys.  What a wonderful thing to experience after a somewhat dismal year.  I, for one, want to carry that feeling into the New Year as we continue to work to put all things Covid behind us.

So, all of this to say THANK YOU !!

  • Lynda Fletcher-Gordon, Co-Founder, Purpose

P.S. Here are some thank you letter from some very happy children: