Grief On Arrival

  • Sessions begin on Monday, December 5 6pm-8pm
  • Monday meetings are group sessions for sharing and Thursday meetings are facilitated education groups
  • Attend as many or as few meetings as you want, no registration is required and sharing is optional
  • Attendance is anonymous and open to anyone who has lost someone to drug-related harms
  • The primary purpose of GOA is to focus on helping people in their time of need and helping people build a sense of community from others who have gone through similar struggles
  • The group aims to provide an opportunity for healing to begin and continue
  • GOA’s objective is to create space free of bias, conflict and criticism and promote feelings of comfort, community and peace

 When someone passes from drugs, because of the social stigmatization around the topic, people don’t know how to respond. They might have their own very strong beliefs about addiction. It can often result in the bereaved being completely isolated because people don’t know how to get involved or how to help.

-Derek Graham, Facilitator and Group Coordinator


Click the link below to read a New West Record article about GOA:

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