What is special about the Purpose School?

Some students need more than they can get in the public school system.  Students who have attended the Purpose School have told us that they need to make a connection to their teachers, receive additional support, be cared about, listened to, not be judged and at

the same time be challenged to achieve their potential.  They also appreciated the opportunities for a lot of good laughs.

A former student said:

“The sense of community that was created and

supported by the staff was a huge draw.  Staff and

peer relationships weren’t lorded over us.  Often in public school, I struggled with power trips with other teachers, while Purpose staff worked hard at connecting with us as people.  There was also a ton of personal support.  The teachers truly cared and you could really feel that.”

The Purpose School is able to offer individualized learning schedules to meet the needs of student who have work or family commitments.  Students on a regular schedule attend one class in the morning and one in the afternoon.  This enables students to focus on the work and complete courses more quickly.

Graduation Rates

Each year, Purpose Secondary School graduates approximately 20 students from an average student population of 80. These graduating students are typically young people who others thought would never graduate (including parents).  Every year at the graduation ceremonies, it is common to hear parents say, “I never thought I would see this day”.

Research shows that the more education a person has, the less likely it is that he/she will require Income Assistance.  Therefore, graduating 20 students, students who may never have graduated if they had not attended Purpose, translates to 20 young people who may never have to depend on Income Assistance or other government social service programs.  These 20 youth will find work and contribute to their communities rather than being dependent.  An investment in the Purpose Secondary School is an investment in human resources.


Students can receive the B.C. Dogwood Diploma from Purpose Secondary School upon completion of the required course work.  This diploma allows access to secondary education programs at the many colleges and Universities. Students over 18 can attend and receive the Adult Dogwood Diploma.

Students can also receive an Evergreen Diploma which indicates high school completion.

Why Does the Purpose Secondary School Need Your Gift?

  1. 1.Purpose Secondary School Charges No Tuition Fees

  2. Independent schools receive one-half of the funding received by public schools while incurring the same staffing and program expenses.  While both public and independent schools fund raise, other independent schools make up this shortfall by charging tuition.  In order for the Purpose Society to provide educational programs to youth who need them the most, the Board of Directors and Management Team have never wavered from their commitment to provide educational programs at no cost to families.

  3. 2.Students Require a Complete Education – Both Academic and Cultural

  4. In order to provide a rounded education, there are many field trips in the community.  Throughout the year students attend educational, cultural and sporting events. In addition to providing educational opportunities, field trips also provide an opportunity to build a sense of school community and personal life-skills. Many of these trips have a cost; however, every student can attend the events regardless of their financial status.

  5. 3.Today, Everyone Needs Technology and Technological Devices

  6. The current computer system needs to be significantly updated.  Students can take advantage of more learning opportunities if they have laptops or tablets.  There is also a need to purchase educational software programs so students can work independently or at home if they wish to progress faster.

  7. 4.Purpose Outings Require a Bus

  8. The Purpose Secondary School requires a bus to transport students to various events and recreational outings.  The bus has operating costs: insurance, maintenance, fuel.

  9. 5.Students Require Proper Nutrition

  10. Purpose staff believe that youth require proper nutrition if they are to be successful at school.  A balanced nutritious lunch is available to students every day along with a morning snack.