Christmas Hamper Program

Hamper Poster 2018

Hamper Form 2018

The staff of the Purpose Society are gearing up for the 27th Annual Christmas Hamper Program. The Christmas Hamper Program has become the defining year-end activity for the Purpose Society.
The Hamper Program is a major agency endeavor. To be successful, we must begin planning months ahead. The planning process includes confirming hamper participation by existing friends of Purpose and welcoming new friends to become part of the Christmas Hamper Program. We are reaching out to you now with an invitation to celebrate your Christmas with us by giving to others.

Our staff are beginning to determine which families will benefit from the love and generosity of the Hamper Program. You, the generous friends of Purpose, will be partnered with the individuals and families we serve and you will create your own unique Holiday Hamper. The size and expense of the hampers has varied considerably in the past from modest to extravagant. Purpose staff gathers information from families regarding ages, sizes and special wishes to assist donors in choosing appropriate gifts. The information gathered is only a guide. What you choose to provide in your hamper is strictly at your discretion.

Last year, the Hamper Program and you, the friends of Purpose, brought joy and wonder to over 110 families in the New Westminster, Burnaby, and Tri-Cities communities. We welcome you once again to share in the community Christmas spirit. Join us in whatever way you can to make this year’s Hamper Program a success! Whether you choose to ‘adopt a family’, donate money, or volunteer with the door-to-door delivery of the hampers, you are welcome to share in the community Christmas spirit exemplified by the Christmas Hamper Program. If you would like to take part in this year’s Hamper Program please contact the Hamper Coordinator, Pam Bloom by phone: 604-937-7163, fax: 604-937-7162, or email:; or call Ashley Petelycky at Purpose Society’s head office, 604-526-2522. Families chosen and determined to be eligible for the Hamper Program will be ready to be ‘adopted’ by November 1st, but we welcome all potential donors to contact us ahead of time if you are interested in taking part of the Christmas Hamper Program this year.

In addition to hampers, we are looking for donations of food and small gift items (i.e. socks, toiletries, chocolates, etc.) for the 100 single adults that will be receiving a gift bag.