Food Hamper Distribution

The staff of the Purpose Society have stepped up to distribute food to families who need support.  Currently, we are delivering 75 hampers a week to families and this translates to 318 people.  Purpose staff are purchasing produce, packing hampers and delivering them every day.  See the pictures below to get an idea of our ‘stock’ room.  Buying this food was made possible by a grant from the Vancouver Foundation. We are accepting donations to continue to buy food.

We all need to be very proud of what Purpose staff have accomplished and continue to accomplish.  The child care centres, BYCC, the School,  the Burnaby Hub, the children’s programs, the youth and family programs, the LIP program and the Stride program are continuing to provide services along with contributing to all the other activities that are happening.  The Purpose staff  are a strong, confident, caring and committed bunch.   We are proud of all that we are doing !!