It’s International Women’s Day

Today we are remembering and thinking about about International Women’s Day.

One of our amazing staff members wrote what today means for her.

“What does Women’s Day mean to me?
International Women’s Day holds profound significance for me. It’s a day of honoring the women who have paved the way, those who stand alongside us today, and the generations yet to come. On this day, we celebrate their unwavering commitment to change, equality, and progress. For me, it’s a reminder that we are part of an extraordinary community a sisterhood that transcends borders, cultures, and backgrounds. Within this community, we find strength and resilience. In the faces of mothers, caretakers, elders, and youth, I see the embodiment of resilience. Women are the architects of our shared journey, the ones who defy barriers and shatter ceilings. Our unwavering determination inspires us to keep pushing forward, knowing that we are surrounded by the hardest and strongest women.”