Looking for Board Members

The Lower Mainland Purpose Society is looking for individuals wanting to dedicate their time and expertise to shape the future of this non-profit, multi social service organization. Serving on our Board allows you to make a difference in our community and support programs and services that have an impact on people’s lives.

As a Board member, you can cultivate new skill sets as a leader. Through your service, you also expand your network of peers, professionals, community leaders, and thought leaders, which provide new avenues for development, outreach, influence, and mentorship.

Do you have specialized skills, lived experience, expertise, or passion that could benefit our Board’s work?

Are you willing to be an enthusiastic advocate for the Lower Mainland Purpose Society and encourage others to get involved?  Can you attend one meeting a month?

Establishing our organization’s purpose and setting our strategic direction is the most essential board leadership role. The board works in partnership with the executive director and management team, as appropriate, to articulate the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

The board is responsible for providing oversight, ensuring that the organization is accountable to its purpose and operating ethically and responsibly. It provides an essential safeguard for addressing impropriety or lack of performance that would threaten the organization and its work. Key components of this role include evaluating and supporting the executive director, ensuring legal and ethical integrity, providing financial oversight and strategic deployment of resources, managing risk, and monitoring progress toward implementing organizational strategy.

The Agency is a community-based, multi-social service organization that delivers a continuum of programs to children, youth, and families. Our philosophy supports a woman’s right to choose her health care, a harm reduction model and every individual, regardless of their situation, should be treated with dignity and respect.

If interested, please contact our Executive Director, Lynda Fletcher-Gordon at: