Yukon Crescent Children’s Centre

Yukon Crescent Children’s Centre

Yukon Crescent Children’s Centre was opened in September 2008 in partnership with City of Burnaby. The Centre was built by Polygon Construction. This Centre provides both group child care as well as school age care, with the school age program beginning in September 2011.

Yukon Crescent Children’s Centre has a licensed capacity of 62 children with the childcare programming divided into 4 age groups: Infants (8 children); Toddlers (12 children); 3-5’s (22 children); and School Age Care (20).

Pyramid Model teachings support educators focusing on the promotion of social and emotional skills in children through use of strategies proven by research to help children’s development and school readiness.

CHILDREN must be treated with care and respect. They are entitled to opportunities that support their individual emotional, social, creative, cognitive and physical growth and development. Children learn through play and they require a nurturing, responsive environment that fosters active learning, independence, multiculturalism and a sense of responsibility and predictability.

FAMILIES have the primary responsibility for the care and education of their children, and are entitled to be involved in a meaningful way in their childcare experience.

EDUCATORS have chosen their work because of a strong dedication to supporting the development of young children. Educators are entitled to open communication, opportunities for professional growth, financial recognition of the value of their work, as well as a supportive, professional working environment.

EACH CHILD CARE CENTRE support the positive relationships between children, families and staff. Our program provides a caring, supportive and vital community services in an inclusive, nurturing and learning environment that promotes non-sexist and anti-racist values.

UNIVERSALLY accessing high quality childcare services that are publicly funded, comprehensive and parent involved should be available to all children and their families.

Monthly Fees

Days/WeekInfantToddler 3-5 Year Olds
5 Days$1,600.00$1,600.00$1,091.00
3 Days$1,055.00$1,055.00$750.00
2 Days$750.00$750.00$530.00
Extra day fee$95.00$95.00$77.00

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2123 Yukon Crescent
Yukon Crescent Children's Centre

Program Schedule

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  • Hours of Operation

    Weekdays Monday to Friday* 7:00AM to 6:00PM

    *The centre is closed all statutory holidays, including Boxing Day and Easter Monday, and between December 23 and New Year.